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We adopted Moonshine in 2015 shortly after the loss of our previous fur baby. The adoption was just meant to be. We went to see a different dog but when we saw her and got to spend a few minutes playing with her up close it was instant love between her and our then 5 year old daughter. Life wouldn't be the same without our Moonshine. She has been the greatest companion to our daughter who in the last couple years was diagnosed with a rare complicated disease. We have only ever adopted a dog and are so blessed to have found the right fit for our little family.
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* these funds have been donated from both DogDog and its parent company Goodsearch.
1 billion
15 million
dollars earned
Equivalent to:

6,289,675 meals served

7.3 million dogs and cats enter shelters every year. No-kill shelters are perpetually full, with weeks- or months-long waiting lists.

786,209 bags of kibble donated

Most shelters depend on donations to pay for food, medicine, help finding forever homes and everything else it takes to provide for the animals in their care.

70,000 Vet Check-ups

Funds earned via DogDog have helped shelters provide dogs with all they need to live happy lives. Many animals have been able to survive thanks to people using DogDog as their search engine!