Theo is one of 3 out of a litter of mini micro doodles. He is the most adorable teddy bear but loves to bark back when he's told no. He love to play like the big dogs, but fully takes advantage of his small size by hiding all the toys under furniture the other dogs can't get. This little guy stole my heart the moment I saw his face, and he now owns it more than I ever imagined anyone or thing ever could
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1 billion
15 million
dollars earned
Equivalent to:

6,363,070 meals served

7.3 million dogs and cats enter shelters every year. No-kill shelters are perpetually full, with weeks- or months-long waiting lists.

795,384 bags of kibble donated

Most shelters depend on donations to pay for food, medicine, help finding forever homes and everything else it takes to provide for the animals in their care.

70,000 Vet Check-ups

Funds earned via DogDog have helped shelters provide dogs with all they need to live happy lives. Many animals have been able to survive thanks to people using DogDog as their search engine!