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We are so thrilled to find! Sterling was diagnosed with detached retina‘s and cataracts as a puppy! The pressure was highly painful so we had them removed December 29th of 2021! He is doing amazingly well now 💜 My vet inspired me to start social media with the intention to let people know, Dogs CAN live Blind! We make content to be a voice for dogs! I never would have believed Sterling’s story would touch so many people but I’m so happy it did! Bee have the opportunity to let owners know that Dogs can adapt to being blind! If this ever happens to their dog, they will know what their fur baby is capable of! Dogs are born warriors! Check us out on TikTok, YouTube and IG @sterlingshadow2 We want to help in anyway we can! We will be letting our community know about this amazing search engine ASAP! 🐶


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